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With over 36,000 products now stocked it is inevitable that some will not fall into any of our main product divisions. This section deals with these and includes the supply of products like Youngman ladders, Nilfisk Alto pressure washers, Harris paint brushes and Everbuild building products.The diversity of this section, from water softening salt to wall safes and from Duracell batteries to timber treatment products demonstrates our commitment to servicing all of our customers needs and we invite any enquiry, regardless of its inclusion in our web pages or otherwise.

Youngman Ladders & Towers

Youngman was established in 1926 by Charles Youngman on the first day of the National Strike. and has been associated with safety, quality and innovation ever since.

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Everbuild Building Products

Everbuild was established around 17 years ago and has grown to become the UK and Ireland’s largest independant maufacturer of sealants, adhesives, fillers and building chemicals.

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Sankyo Diamond Drilling & Cutting

Sankyo UK has been maufacturing and supplying diamond tools since 1965.

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rocolRocol Lubricants

Rocol (Formerly Ragosine Oil) was founded in 1882 by Ernest Glehn. The company went on to develop lubricants for luxury ocean liners such as the Queen Mary and also played an important role in the war effort. In the 1950’s Rocol was established as a subsidary of Ragosine.

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Morris Lubricants

Since being founded by James Morris in 1869, Morris Lubricants have gained an unbeatable combination of skill and experience over the 130 years.

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Loctite Products

Loctite was created by Dr. Vernon Krieble in 1953. The development of an anaerobic sealant led to the growth of a world wide brand and a product catalogue that is constantly expanding and improving.

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nilifisk alto

Nilfisk-Alto Floor Machines & Pressure Washers

Nilfisk-ALTO is a division of the Nilfisk-Advance group, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment

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Other Products:

Safety Matting
Duracell Batteries
Thacker Wheelbarrows
Key Cabinets & Wall Safes
Spill Control Kits & Systems
Fire Extinguishers
Paints & Varnishes
Refuse Containers
Refuse Sacks
Packaging Tapes & Materials
Printed Tapes
Racking & Part Storage Systems
Packaging & Part Storage Systems
First Aid Kits
Water Softening Salt
Hydraulic Lifting Equipment
Mechanical Hoists
Sack Trucks
Pallet Trucks
Winter Grit Salt & Storage Bins
Locks & Latchets
Glazing Accessories
Harris Decorating Products
Extension Leads & Adapters
Safety Signs
Canteen Equipment
Wood Preservatives
Timber Treatments
Door Brush Strip
Floor Brushes
Pallet Wrap
Dust Sheets
Light Bulbs & Tubes
Morse Holesaws
Starrett Holesaws
AEG Accessories
Bandsaw Blades
Dry Core Drills
Grease Nipples
Foam Tapes
Engineers Chalk
Cable Ties
Glues & Adhesives
Tube Bungs
Castors & Wheels
Punches & Dies
Oil Absorbant Granules